Apostolic Christian Academy is a non-tax supported, but recognized school within the Ohio Department of Education. Though all of our operating expenses are met by tuition and fundraising alone, we provide quality education for an extremely reasonable price. Tuition amounts, policies, and assistance options are linked below.



  • ACA accepts all forms of payments, including electronic transfers and automatic withdrawals.
  • Tuition is paid in 12 payments.  The first payment is due July 1st.  The last is due June 1st.  A shorter payment plan is available for late enrollees; however, those on the shorter plan must pay the first month's tuition before the student can attend any classes. Tuition is due on the first of every month. 
  • Tuition discounts are available for families who pay full tuition by July 1st

Questions? Contact our office at (419)885-5334 or via email: jchoconta@acatoledo.com


Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund

NOSF is purposed to assist with the cost of tuition for students in grades K-8.  NOSF scholarships are awarded based on need, determined by income and household size.   Each scholarship is funded through the private donations of individuals, corporations, and foundations.  NOSF is affiliated with the Children’s Scholarship Fund.

Scholarships are awarded up to $1500 per student.  New scholarships are determined by lottery each spring.  Once a family has been awarded the scholarship, all students in the family will receive funding through the 8th grade, as long as qualifications are met each year.


Confidential Financial Services

Apostolic Christian Academy is partnered with CFS to provide families in need with tuition discount or scholarship opportunities. CFS is an independent accounting firm that reviews financial information of applicants to determine qualifications for scholarship. The application process costs $30, and links to the application can be found via the CFS website linked to the right. 

ACAs school registration number is 55334.