ACA Secondary


It is the mission of Apostolic Christian Academy to nurture the academic, social, and physical, and spiritual growth of our students. Our 5th-12th grade students use a combination of ACE, Abeka, Bob Jones, and online curriculum to accomplish the goal of preparing for success in higher education and the workforce.


Throughout the secondary classes, ACA focuses on preparing students for life success by focusing on mastery of English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, while providing avenues for growth and development in leadership and study skills. All ACA curriculum is Bible-based, and designed to impart a Christian worldview and critical-thinking skillset.


Our academic focals in the secondary grades are supported by many artistic and technical studies, such as art, music, live production, video production, speechmaking, dramatics, performance arts, and more. ACA strives to introduce opportunities for students to develop leadership skills by giving students opportunity to lead in student-based performance events and classes.


Our secondary program offers studies in Language Arts (English), Mathematics, Science, Health, Social Studies, Music, Computer, Bible, Performing Arts, Production,  and other elective classes. Grading scales, as well as homework policies are given in the links provided.

Four diplomas are offered at ACA: Honors, College Preparatory, Advanced Preparatory, and General Core. Class and credit requirements for each diploma are listed in the link provided.