ACA Primary


It is the mission of Apostolic Christian Academy to nurture the academic, social, and physical, and spiritual growth of our youngest students. Our K-4 classes primarily use Abeka curriculum and enjoy many additional learning opportunities, such as chapel, field trips, service projects and more!


Throughout the primary grades, ACA focuses on basic educational skills for future success, such as: math facts, phonics, study skills, organizational development, and teamwork. Our curriculum is Bible-based and includes opportunities for students to grow into capable thinkers and leaders.


Our academic focals are supported by introduction into various artistic studies, such as art, music, performance arts, choir, and more. ACA is proud to include many opportunities for students to build and hone leadership skills that will enable them to thrive in secondary and higher education.


Our K-4 academic program offers studies in Reading, Phonics, Penmanship, Spelling, Language Arts (English), Mathematics, Science, Health, History or Social Studies, Physical Education, Art, Music, Computer and Bible. Grading scales as well as achievement and policies are listed in the link provided.